1. A pataphor is a metaphor that creates its own context.

2. Put another way, a pataphor is that which occurs when a lizard’s tail has grown so long it breaks off and grows a new lizard.
The pataphor first appeared in “Closet ‘Pataphysics” by P.A. Lopez, a relatively long time ago.


1. As a critical tool, pataphors can be said to describe two degrees of separation from reality. This would encompass assumptions based on assumptions and speculation based on speculation (e.g., string theory).

2. It should also be noted that being dubbed “pataphorical” is not inherently a criticism. The pataphor is merely a tool for critical thinking, and perhaps a gateway to an adjunct or adjacent reality.

3. ‘Pataphysics — from which the concept of pataphor springs — was originally described as being potentially “a universe supplementary to this one.” It could also be argued ‘pataphysics describes the whole of reality, encompassing both physics and “metaphysics” (any theoretical aspects of reality not governed by physical laws).




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